Virtual Internship in
Equine Dentistry

To enhance and foster the learning pathways of veterinarians in equine dentistry.

Starting in September 2023 for examinations in June 2024

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Virtual Internship In Veterinary Equine Dentistry


Looking for the next level? We might just have exactly what you need.


The virtual internship in veterinary equine dentistry is a structured and supported study program to prepare candidates to sit membership exams in equine dentistry with the ANZCVS.


Membership of the College is an official recognition of a veterinarian's knowledge and experience in a designated field of veterinary science. Membership is an indication to the profession and the general public of an advanced practitioner, representing a middle-tier of knowledge, competence and experience in a specific area of veterinary practice. Membership is not a specialist qualification.


Membership requires examination, with members signified by post-nominals MANZCVS"

Join the waitlist to be the first to be notified when applications open


A structured, supported program 

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together"

- African proverb

Have you been looking for that 'next level' in equine dentistry? Do you value the support and collegiality that a group of like-minded veterinarians can offer? Want to be recognised by your peers and clients as an advanced practitioner who is endorsed by a robust, arms-length veterinary college? Look no further


Introducing The Veterinary Dental Company's

Virtual Internship in Equine Dentistry

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Here's What You'll Get

1) A structured program that covers everything you need to know

We show you how deep you need to go into each subject, highlight the most important topics and prepare you to tackle examinations with confidence and competence. 

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2) Access to some of the top Equine Dental Veterinarians in the world LIVE 

Join Dr. Jack Easley (the 'grandfather' of equine dentistry), Dr. Travis HenryDr. Chris Pearce and Dr. Claire Dennis in live, private sessions where you get to ask all the questions for a deeper understanding.

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3) Your resources

1) weekly releases of journal articles (so you don't need to pay expensive fees to access them yourself let alone the time it takes!), reading lists and tasks to keep you on track. We choose the most important papers that you need to know and concentrate on these

2) 10 virtual face to face sessions plus bonus sessions

3) Practice written examinations

4) a live oral (viva) mock exam under examination conditions (a great way to get rid of those nerves before the big day because you already know what to expect)

4) access to our private facebook page to ask all the questions

5) answer keys to written examination questions

6) the support of like-minded colleagues who are also dedicated to improving themselves

7live answers to your questions at regular intervals

8) access to all of this at all times via our handy app

9) guidelines to exactly what you need to study (and we also tell you the things you don't need to waste your your time on)

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4) Want to maximise your success?

Combine your study program with the comprehensive online dentistry program with  The Veterinary Dental Company's Ultimate Equine Dentistry Package.

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Our special guests...

Dr. Jack Easley DVM MS ABVP AVDC (Eq) 

Easley Equine Dentistry, Kentucky USA

Travis Henry DVM

Dr. Travis Henry DVM DAVDC DAVDC/Eq

Midwest Veterinary Dental Services, Wisconsin, USA

Chris Pearce EDC

Dr. Claire DennisBVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (Eq Dentistry) 

Charles Sturt University, Australia

Chris Pearce EDC

Dr. Chris Pearce CertEM(IntMed) CertES(SoftTissue) Dip.EVDC(Equine) BAEDT MRCVS

The Equine Dental Clinic, UK

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Commences September 2023





Olivia James veterinary dentist, equine dentistry course, equine dentistry certification, dental xrays, horse head x-rays

About your Instructor 

Dr. Olivia James BSVSc(hons) MANZCVS(Eq Dentistry) CMAVA DICEVO DAVDC(Equine)

Veterinarian. Innovator. Passionate Educator.

Dr James is a veterinarian based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. She is passionate about equine dentistry, teaching and mentoring, business and being a positive global citizen and making a difference.  She operates Australian Veterinary Equine Dentistry seeing referral surgery cases, and put together the Ultimate Equine Dentistry Package for online learning for veterinarians in 2019. More recently she launched The Equine Practice Mastermind, helping small, micro and solo equine practices improve profitability, efficiency and work-life balance.

Dr James sat her membership examinations in Equine Dentistry with ANZCVS in 2010, Diplomate with ICEVO in 2015 and undertook a residency in equine dentistry with AVDC, becoming a Diplomate in 2022.  She is Past-President of the Dental Chapter of ANZCVS and has been mentoring veterinarians in equine dentistry and business for over a decade.

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