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Taking you from where you are to where you want to be in an easy step-by-step process.

Learn with us and become the veterinarian you always wanted to be!

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We Made One LIFE CHANGING Service

Into One Easy Online Course! 



 Increase your knowledge & confidence in equine dentistry?

  Inject an extra $100,000 minimum into your practice EVERY YEAR?

 Massively increase your quality of patient care?

 Educate yourself from the comfort of your own home?

 Earn CPD Points when it suits you?




✔ How to understand what you are seeing in the mouth, and elevate your confidence in offering different treatment options for your patients, and how to get your clients to say YES! to treatment, every time

What equipment is right for your personal situation and your personal budget

✔ How to improve your quality of life through increased earnings (give yourself a pay rise!) and increased client satisfaction

✔ How to market your services and educate your clients so they become A+ class clients and raving fans

✔ How to massively increase your knowledge and skills, make a difference in animal welfare and skyrocket your income through equality equine dental services, without travelling or spending time away from home or work

✔ How to increase work satisfaction in helping more horses and their owners

✔ The 7 secret steps of how to easy & successfully introduce equine dentistry into your practice and inject an extra minimum USD$100,000 into your practice every year


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Then this program is JUST FOR YOU!

Become a leading veterinarian in the equine dentistry field and increase your skills, knowledge & confidence simple by completing this course because when you know more, you do more.

***UNLOCK one BONUS lecture in each module***

Foundations Essential Package

3 Modules / 28 Lectures

The complete Foundations Essential Course suited for any veterinarian at any level in their career.

​A bundle of informative, easy to listen to lectures by leading experts that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

​Our most cost-effective bundle covering everything from a 5 step oral examination, dental anatomy & aging, though to dental disorders, periodontal disease, nerve blocks, radiology and basic extraction techniques, including scientific updates.

​Most suited for those practitioners who want to start learning about dentistry through to those who are already performing dentistry but want to offer a better service. 


How to “stop missing the important stuff” when examining an Equine Mouth by Dr. Oliver Liyou BVSc (Hons) MANZCVSc (Eq Dent) Equine Veterinary & Dental Services P/L (Valued at $157) ​

Pay In Full and get a discount!
Enroll Today for Only USD$245/month!



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Dr. Heidi Niland-Rowe

The enthusiasm and knowledge of the guest lecturers and the detail in the content is fantastic. Starting a new solo vet practice was a scary thought, but by focusing on equine dentistry I am gaining the benefits of improving my skills to help build the business, help the horses and to educate my clients in the need for quality veterinary equine dentistry.

This online continuing education is a great structured learning program that I can do in my own time, when it suits me and I can also access it from a desktop computer or use the awesome mobile app (meaning I can always access this easily). It is really helping me to up-skill to gain further qualifications, and has massively increased my confidence, and the compliance of my clients!


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Dr. Georgia Gurney

Having done many equine dentistry courses in the past, I was very impressed with the different approach this company has taken. 100% online has made it accessible for me (a busy large animal vet) anytime. On the way to consults, in between consults, I am able to watch or listen to the lectures. The course has covered the basics, right through to more in depth topics making it a great refresher course as well as a more advanced course.

One of my favourite things about this course is the variety: each lecture is delivered by a different world class equine dental vet or specialist from many different countries.

I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to start out in Equine Dentistry or who wants to improve their skills and knowledge in this exciting field. 

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Dr. Simone Herbert

By doing continuing education in dentistry, I have been able to build the equine dentistry work from 15% to 60% over five years. My revenue went from $60K to $300K in a very short period of time, and as it has low overheads, it is a huge profit generator for my one-vet practice.

By doing continuing education in dentistry I have been able to build up the equine dentistry work by 500% over 5 years, bringing in revenue of over $300,000 per annum (and growing every year!). Thanks to the low overheads, it is the biggest profit generator in my single-veterinarian practice and the cornerstone of the practice. It opens the door for other types of consults as I'm there on the property and can quickly triage other issues and offer advice/book additional consults.

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